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    Built-In AI for pricing, predicting & ordering that’s smart, fast and affordable. It uses data , AI/ML to power a proprietary, self-learning platform that sets a new standard in pricing intelligence & planning automation.

    Trevy AI

    Trevy Demand Forecasting

    Machine learning and human judgement - We help combine best of both worlds. We incorporate the impact of local events, holidays, back-to-school, school closing, local carnival and games, social signals and macro-economic variables.
    ~ Demand Forecasting
    ~ Store Ordering
    ~ Purchase Order Recommendations
    ~ Shelf Space Allocation & Optimization
    ~ Continuous Monitoring And Improvement

    Trevy Pricing

    Better price realization to improve Sales & Margin.
    ~ Determine price elasticity by product, location and day; hence determine the extent of mark-up or markdown
    ~ Differential Pricing Strategies
    ~ Avoid a race to the bottom
    ~ A/B testing to demonstrate effectiveness of recommendations
    ~ Continuous monitoring and improvement

    Trevy Price Discovery & Monitoring

    ~ Identify Substitutable / Similar Products With a “Similarity” Score
    ~ Analyze /slide & dice historical competitor pricing
    ~ Get Real-time competition pricing insight
    ~ Competitor price trend alerts
    ~ Discover new competitors

    Trevy AI

    The Intelligence we provide

    Price Optimization

    • How should we price for profit, as opposed to price for sales?
    • Are we pricing right? What’s the price elasticity (ability to pay) by product, by location and day?
    • How can we make changes, at speed? How do we not leave money on the table?
    • Can we conduct “price experiments”, and get a quick read on results?
    • What customer attributes are significant that drive price acceptance?
    • What are frequently occurring baskets and who are the “key basket holders”? How do we minimize discounting?
    • How should we adapt to competitor pricing, while still avoiding a “race to the bottom?”

    Demand Forecasting

    • How do we automate the demand forecasting process, and make it more intelligent and self-learning?
    • How we do reduce manual involvement, and yet get the benefit of human judgement?
    • How do we incorporate factors that impact demand?(e.g. local events, macro-economic factors, holidays and so on)
    • How can we determine latent demand? Answer the question – What COULD we sell?
    • How do I ensure the delicate balance between over-stock and out of stock?
    • How should I distribute stock across my stores and on-line?
    • How should I anticipate demand, and stock up, so as to not lose demand?