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Experience the power of efficient retail management with Trevy POS, the game-changing solution for modern retailers!

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Trevy is a comprehensive POS system designed to simplify the management of retail businesses. Our product is a software-based solution that runs on a wide range of hardware, including tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.

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Trevy's next generation Retail Digitization platform, From Storefront POS to Warehouse management, backoffice management and e-commerce solution, our platform has everything you need to streamline your operations and maximize your profits. Take advantage of our cutting-edge AI technology to automate your processes and get real-time insights into your business. Get ready to revolutionize the way you do business with Trevy.

Increased sales & Profits

Improved inventory & Stock management​

Enhanced customer Satisfaction​

Better decision making

Reporting and Analytics

Omnichannel Solution

Minimize payment processing fees

Quicker Check out & Accuracy

Centralized Management for Multi-Store Operations

Trevy supports multiple stores and a head office implementation . The system has several advantages, including the ability to manage inventory and sales data across all locations in real-time, to track employee performance, to streamline purchasing and restocking, to centralize reporting and analytics, and to reduce administrative overheads. It Supports Centralized management, Enhanced scalability, Consistent customer experience and Streamlined inventory management.

Omnichannel Retail POS solution.

Omnichannel capabilities are the order of the day to connect with customers across multiple channels and offer uniform experience . Main challenge of Integrating isolated systems working across numerous solution providers has been a great challenge for the retail companies and Trevy suite offers complete solution of across the counter, Mobile and web or e commerce solutions with a perfect handshake between the systems for a great experience.

AI-powered Inventory & Stock Management

Trevy uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze sales data and automatically update stock levels and suggest reordering of products.
The system uses data such as sales history, customer purchase history, and product popularity to determine which products are selling well and which ones are not. Based on this data, the system can automatically adjust inventory levels, so that products that are selling quickly are reordered in a timely manner, and products that are not selling as well are not overstocked.

Save Big on payment processing fees

Trevy allows flexible payment gateway integration which gives ability to choose from a variety of payment gateway providers, which can help to ensure that the business is getting the best rates and terms for its specific needs.
Trevy supports a wide range of payments from customers, including cash ,credit & debit cards, and UPI & digital wallets.

Physical stock Reconciliation

Trevy helps comparing the physical stock count of a business with the stock records in the Trevy system to ensure that the two match. This feature is important for ensuring accurate inventory management and preventing stock discrepancies.
This feature can help businesses to prevent stock discrepancies, improve efficiency, and ensure accurate reporting. seamlessly.

About Us


Trevy’s vision is a level playing field in Retail, powered by intelligence and focused on experience. At Trevy, we strive to build next-gen, AI-infused Retail technology solutions that redefine omnichannel retailing, maximize profitability and efficiency for the SME retailer. We merge technology, intelligence and empathy to help our clients adapt effortlessly to the Future.

user friendliness | comprehensive features | scalability to accommodate the growth | omnichannel capability to answer the latest needs and demands of the market | Budget friendly | Time tested & Proven | Customization to suit unique and important work flows | Flexible engagement models.

Trevy has continued to stay in top of the consideration set with high value for money with easy access and experiencing personal touch in their association.

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